Top Ten Things to Do in Rome

If you're planning a trip to Rome, first let me say: I'm jealous! Then permit me to offer the following tips for things you can do.

things to do in Rome

1) Pizza! You can't go to Italy without eating pizza, but you have to do it right. Check out Roscioli, a third-generation pizzeria making great Italian food the actual way it needs to be. Remember to book in advance or be prepared to wait, as the place is popular, if you want to head there for dinner. Service quick, however, is and friendly, and your selection of snacks and wines are superb.

things to do in Rome

2) Go to the Vatican Museums free of charge in the last Sunday of each and every month, from 8: 30 a.m. to 2 p.m. (the very last admission reaches 12: 30 p.m.).

3) Pray for Salvation: Churches are indeed everywhere in Rome, even though maybe not. According to Wikipedia, there are over 900 of them! Many are cost-free and probably the most spectacular is the Four Rome Basilicas of San Giovanni in Laterano, Saint Paul.

4) Quench your thirst: No requirement for water in bottles here! Just take a drink from your fountain as you go by to get a refreshing treat.

5) Take a trip back in time: and visit the Tempio di Adriano (Temple of Hadrian). Group of many a Hollywood film, this relic through the past is positioned involving the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain. Afterwards it is possible to nip into Salotto42 to have an aperitif - it's located just across the Piezza di Pietra

6) Then following that...go to the Pantheon for free!

7) Ingest the scene: the best part of the town in Lo Zodiaco, which offers a 180 degree view over Rome. Take a few points for your monoculars or bring your personal pair and see the town pass!

8) Dance the evening away: in Rome's hippest club, Micca. Located underground in what used to be an enormous wine cellar, this place is very chic and a wonderful way to obtain a flavour of the local clubbing and nightlife scene. If you're not so much of a dancer though, perhaps La Cabala would be more to your taste. Composed of three levels: a lounge, a piano bar and a club, it features a stunning location in a historic building overlooking the Lungotevere.

9) Picnic such as your life depends on it: you're spoilt for choice! Walk from the dreamy Borghese Gardens, settle down in Villa Ada or picnic with friends and relations in Villa Pamphili.

10) Drink just like the locals: the Etabli aperitif bar is beautiful and very popular amongst locals. Go after 7pm to enjoy the romantic atmosphere, the welcoming buzz of locals and also the delicious finger food and drinks. What a wonderful way to say good bye to your fabulous city!


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